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“You can’t know how much it meant to me. The ladies were angels sent from heaven and were such a blessing.”
I want to thank the wonderful, polite maids [The Maids Home Services of Concord, CA] who came and cleaned for me. They did a wonderful, thorough job, and I am so pleased. They came 4 times. I am 90 years old and really needed the help with cleanings. Whoever thought of this program, I want to thank them for this wonderful service.
Rena, Pleasant Hill, CA
I am really sad to say that Ms. Patty passed away before we could finish her gift [of four housecleanings]. The family thanked us and allowed us to clean one last time for them after the funeral as our gift to a grieving family. It was really difficult for us and our cleaners because we fell in love with her. This foundation is one that touches us all to the core. I am so blessed to be a part of it!
LA Martin, Territory Manager, Two Maids & A Mop, Nashville, TN
I was fortunate to have my first cleaning [performed by The Cleaning Authority – Fresno County] the Thursday before my Monday surgery. Fantastic cause!! Thank you for taking several items off of my long to-do list the weekend before surgery.                                                                                 
Pam, Fresno, CA
I am writing to thank you for sending Mardi Calhoun and Mike Rathbun from Freedom Cleaning Services in Minnesota to my house. They are such a kind and friendly team and they do a great and efficient job of cleaning! They made a big difference to me and the fact that they volunteer this service makes me feel very blessed. Thank you for the service you provide!
Laurel, Shoreview, MN
Of all the wonderful support and services I received during chemo last summer, yours was my favorite. I scheduled my cleanings [with Merry Maids of Woodbridge, VA] on the same days as treatments… I can’t tell you how nice it was to come home to a professionally cleaned house after a loooooong day in the chemo chair. Can’t thank you enough![
Katherine, Montclair, VA
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